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Adult Lifelong Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Grown-up Lifelong Learning - Essay Example The stages can serve the grown-up teachers by discovering the indispensable connection between their turn of events and how valuable it will be for them in the long-go plan of things. It will let them know precisely how their subtleties would be taken care of and what should be recognized most definitely. The grown-up instructors have a sufficient thought regarding how their prosperity chart would be estimated and what they have to realize over some stretch of time. It will them precisely where they are missing and what they have to adjust with the progression of time. 3. If you somehow managed to take a course, wherein stage from above would you be? How might it impact your decision? On the off chance that I was permitted to pick a course from the distinctive improvement stages, I will go for early adulthood as this is the age that I am anticipating having as of now. It will let me know precisely how the change inside my life will occur and what I should receive so as to push ahead with the various endeavors of my own life. Exercise 2: Based on the accompanying report, named Focus on Basics, characterize Informational versus Transformational Teaching. In your diary, remark on which one applies to your own showing theory and why? Educational educating is included giving data towards the educators’ areas whereby he peruses the guidelines in advance and afterward approaches executing the equivalent. The part of transformational instructing is somewhat unique where the change happens on a characteristic level. There is the securing of ability with legitimate information not being available; notwithstanding, the information and data are picked up with the progression of time through genuine learning systems that are utilized. Instructive encouraging utilizes the best possible rules which are as of now set up and that should be concentrated so anyone can hear so as to harvest accomplishment for the teachers.

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Othello Tragic Hero

As indicated by Aristotle, a sad legend is a character of honorable status and significance. He is a man who isn't completely acceptable or altogether abhorrent, rather, he is a man who all in all is acceptable, yet in addition adds to his own pulverization by some ethical shortcomings, known as the deadly imperfection. Aristotle further clarifies that the hero must be overwhelmed by a ‘hamartia’ or awful defect which prompts his ruin. All disasters have a saint with a defect, and in the play Othello, the legend gets changed by his shocking imperfections of envy and naïveté. Othello is the general in the military of Venice and is enamored with Desdemona. He is a Moor of African plummet, who has ascended through the positions of the Venetian armed force through difficult work and accomplishment in fight. Othello is a social and racial untouchable, regularly portrayed as a ‘black ram’ or ‘moor’, and his relationship with Desdemona was not acknowledged by the general public at that point, subsequently bringing about their activities to steal away and get hitched. Othello is an honorable figure and notwithstanding of the shade of his skin, was regarded by numerous individuals in the general public. In the play, Othello’s focal blemish is desire, achieving passing and misconstruing for a considerable lot of the characters. His imperfection of desire was misused by Iago and controlled through numerous coincidental occasions. Othello is a trusting and honorable character and is viewed as Shakespeare’s most sentimental character. Othello’s unlimited love for Desdemona makes it horrendous for him to think about another man taking a gander at her. Othello’s lethal defect of envy is appeared, as because of his dubious and envious nature, he thinks everything Iago enlightens him concerning Cassio and Desdemona. Iago utilizes Othello’s extraordinary love through outrageous control to get Othello increasingly desirous, this can be seen when Othello is gradually beginning to trust Iago, â€Å"Damn her, lascivious minx! O, damn her! Come, go with me separated; I will pull back, To outfit me with some quick methods for death For the reasonable villain. Presently workmanship thou my lieutenant. † Othello later blames Desdemona for deceiving him, â€Å"O, demon, villain! In the event that that the Earth could overflow with lady's tears, Each drop she falls would demonstrate a crocodile. Out of my sight! † this demonstrates as an amazement for Desdemona as despite the fact that she is being devoted to her better half, he doesn't accept a word she is stating because of his defect of envy. Othello’s defect of desire takes him through a progression of scrapes, drove by Iago, where he settles on the choices to trust Iago’s allegations on Desdemona and Cassio. It is then his envy that makes him think Desdemona, and sort out unessential data that gives him an inappropriate data about his wife’s unfaithfulness. Iago shrewdly raises Othello’s blemish in Act 3 Scene 3, cautioning him to be careful with desire, as he bamboozles him about Cassio and Desdemona’s issue, while endeavoring to play with his psyche, â€Å"O be careful, my ruler, or envy: It is the green-looked at beast which doth mock The meat it benefits from. Toward the start of the play, when Shakespeare presents Othello as a high-status, honorable man, who is infatuated with his better half Desdemona, the reprobate is promptly brought out, revealing the heroes lethal defect of naivety. Iago takes Othello’s imperfection to further his potential benefit, misdirecting him i nto accepting that his significant other and his lieutenant are engaging in extramarital relations. To Iago’s karma, Othello sees Iago as a fair man who he confides in without question, indicating sensational incongruity in the lines, â€Å"Iago is most honest† and â€Å"A man he is of trustworthiness and trust†. Shakespeare’s utilization of sensational incongruity makes an association between the characters in the play and the crowd. Othello’s guileless and believing nature permits him to think everything without exception Iago lets him know, in spite of his absence of physical proof, which end up being a fatal mix-up. Othello’s guilelessness likewise brings about the adjustment in his marriage. As Othello begins to trust Iago’s lies, the connection among Othello and Desdemona changed from aware and minding to unpleasant and deigning. Othello before long loses all regard for Desdemona and even alludes to her as a prostitute, for engaging in extramarital relations with Cassio while she is hitched. Othello’s imperfections of artlessness and desire consolidated brought about his ruin. Another deadly blemish Othello had was confiding in individuals without any problem. Othello confided in Iago effectively not long after they met. Despite the fact that Iago can't be accused for Othello’s defects, he was as yet answerable for planting the seeds in Othello’s mind. Othello likewise committed an error of permitting Iago to meddle with his psyche, planting numerous allegations of his Desdemona and Cassio. Othello love Desdemona, and she generally adored him. But since of his envy and naïveté his discourse is compared and his adoration executed. After Othello killed Desdemona for deceiving his affection, he understands his fraudulent incriminations of Desdemona and Cassio lastly understands the genuine scoundrel to be Iago and murders himself. In Othello’s last discourse in the play, he talks about the selling out, regret and of his lost love. Othello can be viewed as a grievous saint, as his defects are the reason for his demise. His deadly defects of artlessness, desire and effectively believing individuals can be viewed as the reason for his demise and others around him. He perceives his imperfections at long last; anyway it is past the point where it is possible to bring back his better half, whom he had prior murdered. Iago takes Othello’s imperfections to further his potential benefit, playing with Othello’s mind, planting untruths and allegations about Desdemona and Cassio. Iago can be viewed as the miscreant as he couldn't care less about the lives of any other person he has destroyed, rather just minding to accomplish his own closures, by doing whatever essential. Aristotles meaning of a lamentable legend can be contrasted and the life of Othello, in this way making him a genuinely shocking saint.

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Why You Should Use a Physics Problem Solver With Solution Online

Why You Should Use a Physics Problem Solver With Solution OnlineWhen you're looking for a physics problem solver with solution online, there are a lot of reasons that it's the right choice for you. This article will give you some ideas on why that's so.First, it's easy to use: You can get a free trial. There are no advertisements that might break your concentration and distract you. It's convenient and easy to use.Second, it can help you learn at your own pace: If you're taking an online course to improve your knowledge in this subject, you can be sure that a free trial will let you learn in your own pace. You can go through the lessons as much as you want without having to worry about reading to the end of the page. And then you can go back and learn the more advanced physics concepts that you missed before. It's just that simple.Third, the physics problem solver with solution online is completely interactive: This means that you can take the classes with other people and learn at t he same time. One of the features that makes it really great is that you can take the class with your friends from all over the world and you can chat about the different topics that come up during the course.Fourth, the information is available everywhere: Most course materials are available online, but these materials are usually only available to students who live in a certain area. A physics class online is a good resource because you can access the materials are usually maintained and updated regularly. Even if you can't log into your account on the internet, you can still be able to check the webpages so that you know that the materials are up-to-date.Fifth, you'll find that it's very interactive: Solving physics problems online does mean that you have to sit all day. There are times when you will need to step out of your seat, but there are times when you won't. So it helps to make the process a bit fun and interactive.Sixth, there are lots of ways to solve a physics problem solver with solution online: When you've decided that the course material you're using isn't the best, it's time to consider how you can change things. If you're using a text book, you can always modify the assignment so that it's more challenging or that it has a unique format.Seventh, the physics problem solver with solution online can help you save money: As with all course materials, you'll save money by purchasing the materials online. Sometimes, the materials are quite expensive and you want to make sure that you're getting the best.

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Essay on Male Circumcision Debate - 994 Words

Male circumcision has long been a debate with decisions based on cultural, ethnic, religious and social preference of the parent. There are both benefits and risks associated with the procedure of male circumcision. The procedure involves the removal of some or, the entire foreskin around the penis. Neonatal circumcision is rising among English speaking countries and it is known now that more than 80% of the male population has been circumcised. (CDC, 2006) This number is rising however; studies show that there is insufficient evidence to recommend neonatal circumcision as a routine decision. (AAP, 2006). Many debates of this procedure relate to the benefits versus the risk and medical costs that the procedure entails. This paper†¦show more content†¦The results of this study show that after 2 years there was a 53% less change of acquiring HIV in the circumcised males. (Science Daily, 2007) This study does not seem valid to me due to the fact that the age gap is ve ry wide, the sexual practice and preference were not stated, doesn’t include number of partners, whether sex was protected or unprotected, and doesn’t state whether these men were sharing needles if using drugs. There were several other studies conducted that showed an increase in risk of STD’s with uncircumcised males and I also question the validity of these studies due to the same questionable variables in the HIV studies. The most common risks associated with neonatal circumcision include loss of penile sensation, bleeding, infection, unsatisfactory cosmesis because of excess skin, skin bridges, and urinary retention. Most complications are minor and studies show that there is a 0.2% to 0.6% complication rate. (WHO, 2009) More drawbacks of circumcision can include different elements that effect sexual function. The removed foreskin is erogenous tissue that contains a number of nerve endings that can contribute to the sexual response of the penis. When retracted, the foreskin provides loose skin on the shaft of the penis, which facilitates sexual intercourse. Also, the foreskin is a protector of the sensitive glans that can lose sensitivity from constant exposureShow MoreRelatedEssay on Male Circumcision: A Social And Medical Misconception1614 Words   |  7 Pages Male Circumcision: A Social and Medical Misconception University of Johns Hopkins Introduction Male circumcision is defined as a surgical procedure in which the prepuce of the penis is separated from the glands and excised. (Mosby, 1986) Dating as far back as 2800 BC, circumcision has been performed as a part of religious ceremony, as a puberty or premarital rite, as a disciplinary measure, as a reprieve against the toxic effects of vaginal blood, and as a mark of slavery. (Milos amp; MacrisRead MoreWhy Arent Jewish Women Circumcised? by Shayne J.D. Cohen1326 Words   |  6 Pagesquestion in a number of different and unique ways. He writes this book in hopes to inform and educate the curious mind such as scholars and lay people. Furthermore, he states that â€Å"In this book I am interested not only in the history of Jewish circumcision but also, and perhaps even more so, in the history of Jewishness.† (Cohen, pg.xii) In other words, Cohen not only presents the reader with the history of the question, but also the history of the Jews and Christians. Overall, Shayne J. D. CohenRead MoreFemale Genital Mutilation ( Fgm ) Essay1236 Words   |  5 Pagescommonly referred to as female circumcision. The process of FGM involves altering the clitoris, sometimes removing it partially or entirely. FGM is a social construction practiced by a myriad of countries, although no construction is absolutely universal for every culture. For my multicultural pap er am going to discuss in detail, the historical orientation of FGM. Additionally I will compare and contrast the practices of FGM versus the western version of male circumcision through a religious lens.Read MoreEthical And Legal Aspects Of Nursing Practice1473 Words   |  6 Pages 2015 Professor  Ovidio  Viera Florida National University Circumcision...Is it an issue? Explore the human and ethical issues surrounding circumcision. Is this a medical right or a human rights issue? Why are people so against it...why are some so for it? What is the role of the nurse in relations to an ethical dilemma involving circumcision? In this paper will be talking about predominantly male circumcision. Circumcision is the oldest optional surgical procedure known to human kind andRead MoreThe Debate on Infant Circumcision Essay1442 Words   |  6 Pagesinstances of circumcision have declined â€Å"to just 32.5 percent in 2009 from 56 percent in 2006. The numbers are based on calculations by SDI Health, a company in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. that analyzes health care data†. Why are so many deciding to not have the elective procedure even though the rate of complication is extraordinarily low? What about the arguments for hygiene, sexual satisfaction, psychological and social concerns and, lest we dismiss, religious views? Per WebMD â€Å"Male circumcision is a surgeryRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Admissions In The Media1279 Words   |  6 PagesTwo projections were generated for each scenario of interest modeled by DMPPT- a baseline projection, in which male circumcision coverage is held constant at the prescale-up level, and a scale-up projection where VMMC coverage is scaled up to a coverage level as desired. For a coverage of 80% by 2015, a total of 430,000 HIV infections can be averted in thirteen countries in five years from 2011- 2015, 20.34 million VMMCs would be required. Increasing VMMC coverage to reduce the number of new HIVRead MoreHow Does Aristotle Address The Issue Of Individual Rights And The Freedom Of Choose?940 Words   |  4 Pagesaddresses the issue of individual rights and the freedom to choose. Aristotle believed that in order to allocate rights, one must first have to figure out the purpose or end of the social practice at question (Sandel, 2009). For example, people can d ebate and resolve the question at hand. After, one must look at justice as its matter of fit, by fitting persons with their virtues to their appropriate roles. Aristotle gives the example of slavery (Sandel, 2009). In order for slavery to be just, itRead MoreThe Practice Of Genital Mutilation1741 Words   |  7 Pagesparts of the world, including Australia, Cana-da, New Zealand, the United States, and in European nations. Circumcision is a religious or cultural ritual for many Jewish and Islamic families, as well as certain aboriginal tribes in Africa and Australia for men. Circumcisions for men are preformed all over the world. Female genital mutilation is the term in reference to non-medical circumcision. â€Å"FGM is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rootedRead MoreFemale Circumsion1179 Words   |  5 Pagesbetween human rights and cultural relativism with my personal stance about these two ethical dilemmas. Female genital mutilation is considered as unlawful act by many people while in several cultures it is a common cultural practice. â€Å"Female circumcision is mainly carried out in western and southern Asia, the Middle East and large areas of Africa† (bacquet, 2009). In several cultures, some elderly women carry out these practices without any medical backing. It is a shared practice in many culturesRead MoreScientific Ethical Controversy Over Male Circumcision4072 Words   |  16 PagesCONTROVERSY OVER MALE CIRCUMCISION Debate Topic Description: Male circumcision is an old traditional practice where the foreskin of the penis is removed by surgical means. The practice also has religious significance in a number of communities. The practice is less common in the West because of a poor awareness of the medical benefits. Recent research has shown that male circumcision significantly lowers the risk of infections and sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS in particular. However, male circumcision

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The Five Functions Of Management - 1649 Words

Supervisors play a vital role in an organization. In order for a supervisor or a manager to be effective they must acquire several invaluable traits: The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, decision making skills, technical skills, team-building and leadership skills , political skills, delegation skills, possess emotional intelligent and self-awareness skills, administration skills, and time management skills. I will reveal how these traits coincide with the five functions of management. The five functions of management are known as planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. I will also talk about the importance of managerial relationships within an organization, and how these relationships impact an organization. I will also explain the importance of finding the proper employee for a position, and the challenges a manager could face while trying to staff an individual in such a diverse society. Supervisors play a fundamental part in an organization. With a view to understand a supervisor’s role it is significant to note that supervisors often operate under a variety of roles such as a; â€Å"trainer, planner, scheduler, motivator, coach, controller, leader, and recruiter† (Cassidy, Kreitner 2010). With the growing economy it is essential to indicate that numerous companies prefer to validate individuals with quality leadership skills; moreover, the managers who master these leadership skills. â€Å"Organizations are looking for supervisorsShow MoreRelatedThe Five Functions Of Management1572 Words   |  7 Pages The five functions of management are imperative in any business especially mine where we use computer technologies as our main source of profit. My company is a contract based company that provides technical support to a variety of customers through a cloud system to replace any IT information needed. In a business such as mine, the practices of planning, leading, organizing, staffing and controlling are all equally important. Each function has its own place and use in both a conjunction with otherRead MoreThe Five Functions Of Management1581 Words   |  7 Pagesproductive work force in today s economy. The five management functions include planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling resources is key to achieve the goals of an organization. Regardless of their profit motives or levels of performance, all organizations have a management structure and staff. Even though the organization exists for a certain purpose, such as providing a service or producing a product, the coordinating of these five primary activities are necessary to maintain aRead MoreThe Five Functions Of Management2125 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction Management is the manner of taking responsibility to oversee activities of an organization so it can achieve its objectives. The manager is responsible for carrying out certain functions which include: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Managers, regardless of the level, share in these common duties. The five functions of management are interconnected. For success to be achieved, the five functions must all be implemented in line with the vision of the organizationRead MoreThe Five Functions Of Effective Management1867 Words   |  8 PagesThe role of management contains the responsibilities for sustaining the life cycle of an organization. According to textbook â€Å"The Five Functions of Effective Management† by Baack, Reilly, Minnick (2014) Peter Drucker in 1985 made a formal statement regarding management. In textbook â€Å"The Five Functions of Effective Management† by Baack, Reilly, Minnick (2014) Peter Drucker in 1985 stated, â€Å"Man agement in turn is the organ of the institution (chapter 1.2).† Peter Drucker visual outline the conceptRead MoreFayol s Five Functions Of Management1099 Words   |  5 PagesWe may define management as â€Å"a process that involves planning, organizing leading (or deploying), and controlling resources in order to achieve goals† [Martin, J, 2010, pg12]. A manager must exercise influence over others using extrinsic motivation to optimise an organisations performance. There is little consensus about the term management, with many management theories outlining what is required of a manager. Theorist, Mintzberg, purposed the most suitable theory for an engineering discipline.Read MoreImplementing the Five Functions of Management Essay1354 Words   |  6 PagesImplementing the five functions of Management Margaret E. Bridges MGT 330 Thomas Kook 12/19/2011 The five functions of management practices are planning, leading, organizing, staffing and controlling. These functions are essential to forming a successful company with high revenues. Working in the healthcare field I have found that these functions are important to running a successful company. My current employer sets standards to follow and takes corrective action to ensure allRead MoreWhat Are The Five Basic Functions Of Project Management1214 Words   |  5 Pagesis Project Management Project management is a series of steps taken in sequence to manage a project through all phases from conception to completion. The steps are documented in a strategic plan. The plan is used to ensure that all parties are working towards a common goal. Project management requires applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to specific activities in accordance with established standards and guidelines. There are five basic functions of project management: planning, organizingRead MoreThe Five Management Functions Within The United States Air Force1501 Words   |  7 PagesThe five management functions can be found in any successful organization and is the foundation for achieving the organizations goals. Our text states, â€Å"management functions encompass innovative planning, detailed organization, diligent leadership, systematic staffing and finally must possess those abilities that permit the controlling of both human and organizational resources to accomplish a company ’s pre-determined objectives. (Baack, Reilly, Minnich, 2014, p. 1.3) â€Å"In this paper I will addressRead MoreWhat Are The Five Main Functions Of Global Human Resource Management?1386 Words   |  6 PagesArticle 1- â€Å"What are the five main functions of Global Human Resource Management ?† According to the article the worldwide integration of business has made an impact on the task of Human Resource managers because of diverse culture, new notions and different products. In the article there are five main international concepts that are essential for Human Resource Management to ensure the smooth working of business. These are as follows- †¢ Hiring- To entice, retain and recruit a proficient worker isRead MoreFayol s Five Processes Of Management1172 Words   |  5 PagesManagement functions have traditionally been defined in terms of planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Since the publication of The Nature of Managerial Work (1973), academics have questioned the validity of the classical model, compared with Mintzberg’s ten managerial roles. Fayol’s five processes of management functions are essential for studying constituent elements of management, while Mintzberg’s model further details the complex, multidimensional nature of management

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The American Dream What You Love And You Won t Work

â€Å"Do what you love and you won’t work another day in your life† This quote is a key aspect of the American dream. The American dream can mean something different to everyone. Many people do what they dread rather than what they love. They are always counting down the days until they can retire. The American dream can be taken in many different ways. To one person the American dream could be becoming a CEO of an organization and to another it could be getting as much money and owning the nicest house and car. The American dream is based on what people value in life. Some want to do what they love and some want to be known as a popular person who was able to climb the social ladder. No matter how people define the American dream, there are†¦show more content†¦This poem shows how women had to overcome the obstacle of achieving the right to vote which was one obstacle for women to be taken seriously so they could achieve their goals they want to achieve in lif e. Another group that was discriminated against are African Americans. The Civil Rights Movement from 1954-1968 was a movement to end racial discrimination against African Americans and to be seen legally. A quote from Martin Luther King Jr., who was a major leader of the movement states, â€Å"I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. (King Jr., Martin Luther) This quote from his I Have a Dream speech reflects on his dream of being seen equal to everyone else and that blacks and whites can live together. This civil rights movement wanted to be done so African Americans could be seen as equals so they could achieve their American dream, whatever it was. There has been many movements in America in order to make it easier for people to attain the American dream. The Women’s Rights and Civil Rights movements show ho w citizens had many setbacks before they could accomplish their American dream. Another example of overcoming obstacles in America would be the Bell brothers. The

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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance †

Question: Discuss about the Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Inference. Answer: Introduction: It is very important for a company to follow the ethical decision making to maintain its position on the top just by working for the profit motive, but rather by maintaining Ethical values. Coca-Cola is the world?s largest company in providing beverages. It nearly provides more than a billion goods throughout the world. It is the world?s most valuable logo and brand. It is well known for providing its consumers a regular supply of the products without any interruption. Due to all this features the company has been successful in developing long term relations with the consumers and thus providing a huge profit to the organization. Thus all this features has helped this company in reaching this height of success. It has also given a great importance to the overall development of the society by improving both social and economic situation of the society. It has initiated various programs for the betterment of the society. It has also supported various sustainable development intension based technology that will be helpful to only the present society but even to the coming generation. It has also taken various steps to stop the wastage of water and also has taken various steps to improve its present situation. It has also helped the people by helping the local organization to maintain peace and initiating overall health betterment. Some of these examples are that the company is helping the UNAIDS and is helping in curing the AIDS/HIV epidemics that is prevailing throughout the world. (Douglas R McKay, 2015) Along with this various scholarship programs and other initiative in the education sector has helped many students of the poor areas to come forward and get successful. Thus the company has always given importance in marinating the company?s name as one of the most valuable brand by maintain loyalty and sincerity towards the customers throughout the world. For this they have got recognition and has also be awarded with various prices at international level. But despite this fame the company has also been in the news for various wrong deeds, of which Ethical discrimination is one of the major problems. The price of its stocks has remained unchanged for about a decade because the company has been charged several times for racial and other ethical discrimination with its staffs, customers, other officials, etc. (Terblanche, 2015) The major charges that created the biggest problems for the Coca-Cola company are as follows:- Belgium Crises:- In 1999 several children fell ill by consuming the company?s products. But as no much action was taken post the incident by the company that led to large scale opposition against the company. The Belgium stores owners boycotted all the Coca-Cola products that resulted to a great loss to the company. Even other countries like Luxemburg and Netherlands followed the steps of the Belgium people. (Freeman Greenwood, 2015) Racial Discrimination charges:- After the Belgium crises the problem of the company didn?t improved. In the same year the company was charged with racial discrimination allegations by the African American employees. The company was criticized for its policy for placing the African American employees at the bottom of the salary scale. Thus a huge financial loss was suffered by the company as it had to pay the compensation to the employees to solve the issue. (Bain, 2017) Other issues:- Other issues like problem with the Burger King Market Test, earning through inflationary prices, problems in distribution, etc. Along with this various scholarship programs and other initiative in the education sector has helped many students of the poor areas to come forward and get successful. Thus the company has always given importance in marinating the company?s name as one of the most valuable brand by maintain loyalty and sincerity towards the customers throughout the world. For this they have got recognition and has also be awarded with various prices at international level. But despite this fame the company has also been in the news for various wrong deeds, of which Ethical discrimination is one of the major problems. The price of its stocks has remained unchanged for about a decade because the company has been charged several times for racial and other ethical discrimination with its staffs, customers, other officials, etc. (Terblanche, 2015) Thus even after reaching the heights of the success due to several issues internally and externally the resulted in the fall of the company?s reputation. (Clarke, 2014) A brief history of the organization:- Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable company and foremost in the beverages section. It is well known for its varieties of the products. Due to its value out of the top five sold beverages of the world, four are a Coca-Cola product. These products mainly include the regular Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. Thus due to its regular services and plenty of stock it has developed such a relation with the consumers that they will remain intact with the company for a long term and will be benefited to the company throughout their life. The major competitor of the Coca-Cola products is the Pepsi products that also hold a large share of global beverages supply. (Goel., 2014) Thus both these companies targeted the international market and by providing the demanded goods they are running in a race to capture more market since ages. Thus firstly Coca-Cola was just an American company selling its products in all corners of the world but now it is recognized as an international company that also sells its products in America. Thus, even Coca-Cola has the same main target of maximum market capturing like all other companies. But to make this task possible it has constantly bring new ideas and ways so that other companies doesn?t affects it position. The success of Coca-Cola even after all this struggles was possible due to its unique products, its merging strategy with other international firms, its services and quality, its focus on snacks business along with beverages, etc. Thus various stats shows that out of its total earnings about 25-30% share comes from America while rest is obtained from the other companies of the world. (Rossouw, 2005) Argument:- Coca-Cola is considered as a top level company as it survived even after facing many national and international issues that affected the company financially, morally, socially and ethically. But one question that arises in the mind is that despite being the top firm why such low level of acts was done by the company. It is a known fact that about 3/4th of the company?s sales is in the other countries. Many developing company has a large share in the company?s sales. So discrimination on the bases of race, skin color, earning profit by manipulating with the price and quality, cheating with its distributors, manipulation in the earnings, etc. should not have taken place. Thus you should not cheat with the ones on whom you are dependent for the earnings. The more you take care of them the more they will take care of yourselves. (Rossouw G. (., 2015) Oppositions Argument or Position:- As a company, it has not always been in a clean image and had gone through a lot of ups and down. When we come across the history it carries till date, we witness a series of incidents like the racial discrimination cases; it was accused of, the problems with whistle blowers sharing the incidents of how a frozen coke took a demised turn for a kid due to toxins of stale contents etc. There isn?t much to be done by the competitors here as they have been a witness to all the possible cases wherein it not only shows the series of cases of customer dissatisfaction, chances of how many times it has been sued by the customers, multiple layers of agitations files against the company, channel stuffing and inflated profits due to retail investors making a high margin are just another incidents witnesses by the competitors. (Eastern Michigan University, 2015) There are a series of observations wherein it even had trouble with the distributors, unions of the employees and retail and whole sale sector, problems with the trade secrets unions of coco-cola, there are enumerate examples wherein the ethical compliances of the company were kept stake and still it could not recover the same. The position of the company in the market is in a swing of controversies, series of cases, indemnity cases, health files, union issues reimbursement, customer dissatisfaction, and these are not minor problems for the company and have taken lot more than the reputation and clientele it carried before few years and the same as on date. As on date, it is trying to o reduce their ethical cases to negligible and to focus on reaching across the globe. What all we witnessed, are all problems that could be amended and while we gave instances of how they could have handled the problem differently and how efficiently they are trying to come up with a solution altogether. It is trying to amend the issues it had witnessed till now and come up with a clearer image with the unions, trade committees, sales, retail and wholesale sector, distribution channels etc. (Governance, 2016) Ethical decision making approaches and theories relied upon While coming across the issues wherein it is stuck as on date, the areas which we tried to come across and resolve are with the manner it dealt with the unions, trade committees, sales, retail and wholesale sector, distribution channels etc. shall be in a systematic and better manner, it should have a process flow which only defines how effective the same shall be handled but also signifies that the process should be transparent, have a decentralization which would specify that who is responsible for what and what will be the accountability of the same and how much responsible the SPOC will be for each line item. (Salehi, 2012) This will give a broader image and set up an ethical process as a whole which will not only signify how much compliances the company is able to comply with but also that the same shall be strived for sustaining in the long run as well. These practices shall target that the clientele shall be continued with and able to capture more market with the help of its objectives, whether they are in line with the industry ones and gradually there should be a bridge between the decided objectives and achieved ones. (Libraries, 2015) Summary/Conclusion:Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable companies of the world. So it should not neglect these above mentioned ethical issues as the impact of these issues is can be responsible for the future fall of the organization. This in the practice of becoming the top company of the world ethical principles should not be forgotten. Because forgetting these ethical principles can affect the reputation of the company and also the trust of the global consumers in the company. (Springer, Journal Of Business Ethics) Thus Coca-Cola has reached this height of success just by the support of the consumers. So valuing them along with their employees who has helped the company to maintain this large scale business will lead the company to the greater heights. For this the above mentioned ethical and other issues should be solved as soon as possible by implementing the ways that will bring the organization out these problems. Because if quick solutions are not brought for these issues than the fall of even such a big global firm is confirmed as one can sustain in the till it has long term consumers, once this support is lost the company can be replaced by its alternatives (Larcker, 2016) Bibliography Bain, D. S. (2017). Journal of Academic Buisness Ethics. Journal of Academic Legal Issues, 1-1. Clarke, T. (2014). 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Sage Journals, 1-1. Salehi, M. (2012). Business Ethics. International Journal of Scientif Research Institute, 1-5. Springer. (Journal Of Business Ethics). Special Issue: on Responsible Business in Social Media. Springer, 1-1. Terblanche, N. S. (2015). Corporate governance and business ethics: Pictures of the policies. Research Gate, 1-1. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – Question: Discuss about the Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Challenges. Answer: Introduction: The scientific research demands the researcher to use the quantitative approach. Additionally, the researcher will conduct interviews and offer the questionnaire to 50 individuals within Maharashtra in Mumbai state in the view of assessing or rather evaluating the corporate governance of the Indiana company reliance commonly referred to as Reliance Industries Limited. This evaluation and collection of data will be done in accordance to the ethical structures that have been formulated to see that the whole activity is a success and is conducted without any form of bias whatsoever (Pandit, 2016). The researcher will go to different organization in the bid of collecting requisite data from different personalities. Practically, the researcher has to put into consideration other individual by allowing different personalities within the organization participate in the auspicious research so as to get clear analysis of data and representation in their work (Zimmerli, Richter, Holzinger, 20 07). This therefore manes that the researcher will use all appropriate tools to collect data in very explicit manner so as to aid them in their analytical work upon collection of the said data. Notably, the conclusions will be made basing their results on the collected data. Similarly, the summation of the collected information will be realized through the use of both Ms Excel and SPSS. It is ideal to state that corporate governance implies the regulation, practices, strategies and rules that is primarily aimed at making the organization dispense their services well. This is majorly aimed at controlling the business effectively in order to meet the set objectives in the market. Therefore, corporate governance is aimed at balancing the interests of the company and that of other stakeholders in the. organization (Vallabhaneni, Association of Professionals in Business Management, 2008). It further provides some of the measures that ought to be adopted by the organization in order to realize its objectives in the business. A total of 39 employees were interviewed from different departments so as to collect important information from those departments and how they carry out their activities in those areas. Similarly, a total of 9 departmental heads were, also interviewed in the same and lastly 2 managers. This data is a clear representation of all the segments within the organization. Analysis of the Corporate Governance The report from the Centre for International Corporate Governance Research., Victoria Graduate School of Business (2006) indicate that the board of directors do influence the corporate governance in an organization since they are the major stakeholder. For this reason, their decision may in one way or another affect the functionality of the venture if it is not well informed. Therefore, it is always prudent for the board of the directors to always deliberate well before coming up with the conclusively decisions so as to allow the firm to continue operating effectively. It is common knowledge that bad governance would result to great loss and thereby poor performance of the organization. This is evident where the Management fails to fully cooperate with the auditor during the auditing process. It has been observed that at times the auditor is provided with inadequate information to carry out their duty effectively. The current chair and the Managing According to Simpson andTaylor (2013) Director of RIL is Ambani Mukesh who has seen the organization realize a lot of success through his constant consultation with the other stakeholders. It is important to state that the firm has really grown in the recent time. This is attributed by the god performance at Forex report which clearly shows the stability and good performance of the firm amid stiff competition posed by other investors in the same line of business (Keinert, 2016). The National Stock Exchange of India Limited showed a substantial improvement of the firm in its operations. It was explicitly clear that approximately 3.46 per cent of its overall shares are captured in on Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Klein, 2016). This is a clear indication of its good performance in the market. There are major subsidiaries and associates of this firm namely; reliance retail, reliance institute of life science and many other firm working closely with the other firm. From the interviews or interrogation with the employees, it was clearly evident that the Management does hear the plight of its employees and puts it into considerations due to their noble role in the organization. 17 out of the total 39 employees who were interviewed stated clearly that they are well motivated in the organization and they would prefer to continue dispensing their services in the venture. The dependent variables sourced from these cases are gifts, incentives, remuneration, and appraisals (Murthy, 2009). The major dependent variable in this case is the motivation which comes in different forms. This shows that, failure to satisfy the above needs, the effort put in place suffers extinction. Therefore, it can have stated that DV has to entirely depend on the Independent variable for it to function effectively (Adelopo, 2016). The good cordial relation in the organization he correlation of the motivation to workability is always a crucial, component that the governance o ught to critically look into so as to improve on the workability of the business in the long run. 22 other employees were not fully contented with the services since they purport that they have never been promoted from their position for a very long period of time and thereby they find this as something that is devastating. This makes most of them opt for greener pastures elsewhere. It is ideal to state that best governance is commensurate to good Management (Martin, 2006). When the manager is able to explain the underlying matter at hand to its staff it may be in a position to understand their situation and cooperate towards the productivity of the organization. Corporate Governance issues About the issue of governance processes, it was found out that the leadership at time is very harsh to its employees making some of them not ready to disclose their issues to the managerial team (Howell Sorour, 2016). Most of the staff that there is some level of variability in leadership applied in the organization and thereby unpredictable to determine the outcome of the leader in case of any query in the premise. Approximately two thirds of the interviewed employees preferred democratic type of leadership since they can be able to air out their challenges effectively to the management without fear of victimization unlike when the leadership being administered is the dictatorial one. Some of the interviewed employees greatly commended their departmental heads for their effort they are putting in place and that spirit of encouraging the employees to continue working as a team (Rezaee, 2009). They are viewed as the team leader since they fully support or advocate for team work. From the collected data it was simple for the researcher to determine the type of leaders using the Blakes managerial grid which characterizes different types of leaders in various categories due to the attributes they possess. Notably, the two managers who were interviewed on the other hand stated that they have been able to move a long way with their employees in a very good manner. However, they noted some of the challenges that they do undergo as an institution since every institution does undergo some level of challenges on their daily basis (Sison, 2008). They further stated they have put some mechanism to see to it that the corporate governance is effective and very accommodative to take into consideration divergent views from different levels of people. Conclusion It can be concluded that the type of governance solely determines the functionality of the organization. Best corporate governance realizes good results for the organization. Moreover. It makes sure that the set objectives of the business are met in a very explicit manner. This also creates conducive environment for the both the employees and the senior manager to dispense their services effectively for the good of the venture and thereby realizing some form of good production for the organization. The pressures or negative forces in the company come as a result of failure in the part of corporate governance which results to entropy in the whole system. Good governance ensures that the good strategies are formulated in the view of bettering the whole system for efficacy purposes. References Adelopo, I. (2016).Auditor independence: Auditing, corporate governance and market confidence. London: Routledge. Centre for International Corporate Governance Research., Victoria Graduate School of Business. (2006).Journal of business systems, governance and ethics. Melbourne: Victoria University. 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